Meet our Member Sparkplug Power: Sparking an Energy Revolution

The topic on everyone’s minds these days is energy storage and peak shaving, and Sparkplug Power has the solution. Peak shaving is a method used to reduce power usage by pairing an energy storage system with a traditional power system. The battery stores power when demand is low in order to then draw from it when demand is high. This lowers the cost for the user as well as strain on the grid.

Sean Becker, Founder and President of Sparkplug Power, has developed a revolutionary peak shaving technology and believes in cheaper, more reliable electric power for everyone. Prior to founding his company, Sean was a surface warfare officer for the U.S. Navy. He then shifted into the energy sector and worked at Cambridge Energy Research Associates and GE Energy.

Sparkplug Power’s solution may look like a regular, large metal box  but it has the ability to cut down power cost by thousands of dollars during peak demand! This means monumental savings for both private businesses and municipal utilities. Sparkplug power can ensure specific energy use levels and provides an upfront cost and savings evaluation to customers. In addition to peak shaving, they also provide a Daily Dashboard so that you can monitor real time energy usage data and the installation process is minimally invasive to a customer’s electrical system.

Sparkplug Power has been based out of Greentown Labs for several years and the company has been an active participant in our community since they joined. We’ve been proud to watch and support their growth over the years and we are most excited about the next phase of our relationship since our new Global Center for Cleantech Innovation (link) will be the newest location of a Sparkplug Power battery! Sparkplug will provide and manage a 280kW/510kWh battery at the Global Center, enabling peak shaving, backup power and improved power quality for our community of nearly 100 startups. Sparkplug Power will be one of six member companies whose technology will be demonstrated in our new building.


Keep an eye out for updates about Sparkplug Power—we’ll be sure to share them on Twitter @GreentownLabs.