Meet our Member Onvector: A Virtual Member Success Story

Virtual membership is a unique offering at Greentown Labs which provides startups access to all of our programs, events and our member network while retaining their permanent offices elsewhere. These resources include our member intranet, community events, investor network, sponsor resources, manufacturing connections, a mailing address, branding and more!

The Greentown Labs team recently had the opportunity to meet with Daniel J. Cho and Joseph Henderson, CEO and President, respectively, of one of our virtual member companies, Onvector!


Curious to learn more about Onvector and virtual membership at Greentown Labs? Keep reading to find out!

  1. Daniel and Joseph have a collective 35 years of experience in emerging growth technologies and executive leadership. Onvector is the result of this expertise, with a mission “to develop and commercialize innovative technologies at the convergence of energy and water.” They are currently based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, but occasionally come to Greentown Labs to utilize our physical resources and schedule in-person meetings with the Greentown Labs team and members of our community.
  2. The U.S.’s number one usage of water is for cooling purposes. The need for cold water is increasing every year, especially as climate change barrels forward. This includes data centers, power plants, buildings over ten stories high, etc. Onvector’s goal is to make that process more efficient.
  3. Onvector offers revolutionary technology incorporating non-chemical water treatment, heat transfer, refrigeration and fluid dynamics. These methods can be used in countless applications, since the processes of practically every industry include some kind of cooling.
  4. Their technology is more than 10 percent more efficient than current methodologies for cooling—and this number is only increasing! This could mean huge savings for their customers as well as their carbon footprints.
  5. They found Greentown Labs while looking all over the country for an ecosystem that could help them grow. They are very optimistic about their future working with Greentown Labs and are excited to meet and collaborate with other members. Onvector hopes to participate in water initiatives in the future as a way to change the world.


We are so glad to have Onvector on board and eager to see what great strides they take next as part of the Greentown Labs community. If you or someone you know is interested in virtual membership, please contact Cayman Somerville to learn more!