Houston: We’re Building a Wet Lab and We Need Your Insights

Greentown Labs opened Greentown Houston in 2021 to expand its impact and help accelerate the energy transition through climatetech and energy entrepreneurship, in partnership with the nation’s fourth largest city and the world-leading energy organizations headquartered there. We aim to serve as an on-the-ground catalyst for the energy transition in Houston—working to bring together civic and business leaders, entrepreneurs, students and other stakeholders who have already begun the transition and raise awareness of the opportunity for those who have yet to engage. We were welcomed by a number of amazing Founding and Grand Opening Partners, an enthusiastic City Government under Mayor Sylvester Turner’s leadership, and incredible collaboration from our friends and partners at Rice Management Company (RMC) who helped find a place for us within Houston’s incredible Ion District. 

Now, two years later, we’re proudly home to more than 75 energy and climatetech startups, have the support of dozens of new Houston-area partners, have built Houston and Texas-specific programs including Greentown Go Energize 2022: the Low-Carbon Hydrogen Accelerator with the City of Houston and the Texas Entrepreneurship Exchange for Energy (TEX-E), a first-of-its-kind collaboration to create a powerful, student-driven, energy entrepreneurship ecosystem in Texas.

As we look ahead to the next two years of impact at Greentown Houston, we’ve identified our next area of focus: building a wet lab

You heard it here! Our team—in partnership with Ion District, Rice Management Company, and others—is actively drawing the blueprint for what the wet lab will look like. 

And ever-more importantly: what it will offer. 

From our experience building a Wet Lab at our Boston Incubator five years ago, we know having a multidisciplinary wet lab on our campus is a gamechanger for our entrepreneurs. A dedicated area for our member companies to safely conduct their science and experiments with hazardous chemical and biological materials helps our early-stage companies hit key milestones faster and more efficiently. 

One of the key differentiators at Greentown is that we build resources and programming based on the needs of our member community and the startup ecosystem. That’s where YOU come in. As we put together the plans for the Houston wet lab, we need your insights! Are you an entrepreneur who could benefit from the wet lab? What would you want to see there? Dedicated fume hoods? Reverse osmosis deionized water? Hazardous waste management? Help us help you! 

We want to hear from you so you can help us build the most impactful wet lab for Houston-area energy and climatetech startups. Please fill out this form to help us plan most effectively to help your companies thrive. 

And if you represent a corporation or supplier that might be interested in supporting our wet lab, please don’t hesitate to reach out