Hard-Hats, Partnership Announcements and a Sneak Peek into our New Building: EnergyBar with Saint-Gobain

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of introducing members of the press and executives from Saint-Gobain to our Global Center for Cleantech Innovation. The hard-hat tour gave a glimpse of what is to come and illustrated the remarkable work that’s underway. Construction is on schedule and we’re on track to move into the new building in Q4 2017! Early renderings showcase  the impressive amenities and offerings the Global Center will feature, including a wet lab, 500+ person event space, 40,000 sq. ft. prototyping lab, 2 electric vehicle charging stations, 150 kW of solar power, parking for 200 bikes and more! The hard-hat
tour was certainly a highlight of the day and it helped kickoff our bi-monthly networking event, EnergyBar! During our Saint-Gobain sponsored EnergyBar we were proud to announce the extension of our partnership through 2019! 

During the event we shared more details about Saint-Gobain’s deep support of our expansion project, including product donations from two Saint-Gobain subsidiaries CertainTeed and SageGlass. Courtesy of the companies, our Global Center for Cleantech Innovation will be equipped with the most intelligent electrochromic glass in the world and a 33,000 sq. ft. Flintlastic® SA Self-Adhered Roof System. These generous donations will create a comfortable and sustainable work environment for our member companies.

Minas Apelian, Vice President, Research & Development, at Saint-Gobain and CertainTeed Corporations

“We are honored to be able to share our building science knowledge and our materials that have the power to improve the daily life of Greentown Labs’ members and spur future innovation.”- Minas Apelian, Vice President, Research & Development, at Saint-Gobain and CertainTeed Corporations 

As proven by our relationship with Saint-Gobain, the new facility will serve as a hub for collaboration and innovation between startups and corporations. Big and small, new and established companies will assemble here to share their work, provide their expert insight and collectively solve the world’s biggest energy and environmental problems through partnership.

After the announcements concluded the event transitioned into an evening of celebration and networking.  Members of Greentown Labs and Saint-Gobain had an opportunity  to share their excitement with guests from all sectors of the energy industry while also enabling attendees to discuss their work, interests and develop strong connections.

We are eagerly anticipating the opening of the Global Center for Cleantech Innovation and we are so excited to welcome 50 new startups to the facility. Speaking of, if you know any cleantech startups that need a home to build their company, please send them our way! And finally, a big thank you to Saint-Gobain for your continued support of our community and your commitment to making the world a better place through energy innovation.

Here’s to the future!

From Left to Right: Emily Reichert, CEO, Greentown Labs, Minas Apelian, Vice President, Research and Development, Saint-Gobain and CertainTeed, Todd DiNoia, Director of Research and Development Platforms, CertainTeed, Alan McLenaghan, CEO, Sage Glass, Mark Vasu, Executive Vice President, Greentown Labs