#Greentown10: Greentown Startups Are Building a Climate Workforce

We’re proud to support more than 180 climatetech startups as they develop their technologies, scale their businesses, and grow their teams—and they certainly do grow their teams. 

#Greentown10 is a year-long celebration of the startups, partners, ecosystem collaborators, and other climate champions who have worked together over Greentown’s first decade, and this month, we’re focusing on #ClimatetechCareers. In Greentown’s 10 years of existence, our members have created more than 7,800 jobs—that’s 7,800 climate champions putting to work their unique set of skills and experiences to solve the climate crisis.

These thousands of new jobs illustrate that Greentown startups are not only developing climatetech solutions—they’re building a climate workforce that is ready to harness the massive economic opportunities of the energy transition. And that climate workforce is hiring.

There’s a place for everyone in climatetech, whether they’ve previously worked in traditional energy, have experience tackling climate change, or are new to the climate and energy fields. Just ask Patricia Vega, CEO of Greentown Houston member Quantum New Energy, who worked in traditional energy for 25 years before founding a climatetech startup. And earlier this week, we were encouraged to see 27 labor unions release a report showing that the energy transition could create 1.1 million jobs in Texas alone. The jobs are here. We just need you!

Our startups are looking for people like you to join their innovative, climate-oriented teams. You can view all job openings on our careers page, and see a list of companies with multiple open positions below!

Adaviv’s mobile-sensing, machine-based solution helps growers maximize their profits by improving crop performance and minimizing the operational costs per cycle.

Heila Technologies’ Heila EDGE® is a modular energy platform that makes it easy to connect and optimize solar arrays, batteries, and other distributed energy resources—building self-managing microgrids and fleets from the ground up.

H2Ok Innovations is an IoT analytics platform providing comprehensive, real-time visibility into industrial liquid systems to enable data-driven, optimized operations.

Nth Cycle develops an electro-extraction technology that enables customizable, clean, and consistent recovery of critical minerals for the energy transition.

Raptor Maps is a machine learning-powered software solution to help solar companies reduce costs and increase energy production.

Sublime Systems is developing technology to decarbonize cement-making, which is currently responsible for eight percent of global CO2 emissions.

Tagup has developed new machine learning methods and a software platform to predict industrial equipment failure, making physical infrastructure safer and more reliable.

Verne develops hydrogen storage systems for zero-emission, heavy-duty trucks.

Via Separations increases process efficiency and decreases cost in any industrial sector by eliminating 90 percent of the energy needed for thermal separations.

Greentown Labs and FORGE are hiring, too!

The Greentown team is growing! We’re hiring a Houston-based Senior Manager of Marketing + Events to amplify our members’ climate action through planning and executing events, developing content, and more; and a Boston-based Executive Communications Coordinator to facilitate communications, engagements, and scheduling on behalf of our CEO.

FORGE, Greentown’s sister nonprofit, is hiring a Northeast Massachusetts Director, a Western Massachusetts Director, and a Director of Partnerships.