Greentown Labs Member Milestones — July 2023

Our 200+ startups never fail to impress us with their hard work and commitment to scaling their climatetech solutions! Check out their latest accomplishments below.

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Capture6, a Carbon to Value (C2V) Initiative Year 3 participant, received an $8M+ grant from the California Energy Commission for advancing water recovery and carbon removal through its use of direct air capture technology that uses saltwater to create a solvent for carbon capture.

WasteWizer raised more than $3M for its “BinBar System” cloud-based technology that signals industrial waste companies when it’s time to pick up their containers.

Onvector raised a $2.5M seed round for its technology, which uses plasma instead of chemicals to treat wastewater and can destroy PFAS. 

Acelerex raised an oversubscribed round for its AI/ML-enabled software solution for the integration of renewables, energy storage, and electric vehicles into the grid.


Fervo Energy successfully demoed its geothermal well design, generating 3.5MW in a 30-day well test. 

Pecos Wind Power began manufacturing its PW85 wind turbines. Its low-wind-speed technology looks to enable schools, businesses, and towns to generate their own energy.

Enviro Power Technologies’ clean energy-producing hot water system was successfully installed in a 74-unit residential complex in New York City.

Acelerex—which offers software for grid analytics, grid automation, and grid data services—is providing controls for renewable energy investor Greenbacker’s 30MW battery energy storage system.

Carbfix, a C2V Initiative Year 1 participant and carbon dioxide mineral storage operator, signed a memorandum of understanding with Fluor—a member of the initiative’s Carbontech Leadership Council—that will allow the two companies to work on CO2 removal projects such as direct air capture and bioenergy carbon capture and storage. 

Air Company, a C2V Initiative Year 1 participant, will collaborate with Air Canada—using its technology to transform carbon dioxide and water into innovative carbon-negative products—to create a more sustainable aviation fuel.


Renewell, whose technology repurposes existing oil and gas wells and converts them into renewable energy storage, won $40K at the U.S. Department of Energy’s EPIC Pitch Competition. 

Greentown members and alumni Sublime Systems, Energy Dome, H2Ok Innovations, and e-Zinc made the 2023 list of Technology Pioneers published by the World Economic Forum.

Capture6, a C2V Initiative Year 3 participant, and Renewell were selected for startup accelerator Third Derivative.