Greentown Labs Member Milestones — April 2024 

Our 200+ startups never fail to impress us with their hard work and commitment to scaling their climatetech solutions! Check out their latest accomplishments below. 

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  • American Battery Technology Company—a startup with technologies for lithium-ion battery recycling, battery-metal extraction, and primary mineral resource development—was awarded $60M in tax credits to accelerate the construction of its next-generation battery recycling facility.
  • SWTCH Energy, which provides EV charging and energy-management solutions for high-density urban settings, raised a $27.2M Series B to bring EV chargers to apartment and condo buildings. 
  • Nth Cycle, which uses low-emission technology to extract and refine critical metals, was awarded a $7.2M tax credit allocation from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as part of the Advanced Energy Project Tax Credit (48C) program for its metal-refining facility in Fairfield, Ohio. 
  • Sublime Systems, a startup decarbonizing cement-making, received $6.7M in funding from the DOE for its “Advanced Electrolytic Cement Process for Lower-Energy Use with Alternative Calcium Sources” project.
  •, which uses 3D-mapping sensors and AI to improve outdated data collection and analysis processes, raised $6M in new investments to grow its partnerships with engineering firms. 
  • Phoenix Tailings, a fully clean mining and metals-production startup, received a $1.4M Massachusetts state grant to support its Burlington, MA facility and grow workforce-development opportunities.   
  • Verde Technologies announced several investments that will advance its next-generation, lightweight, flexible solar panels. 
  • Greentown alum Via Separations and International Paper Company (IP) received funding from the DOE to decarbonize a thermal process at IP’s site in Louisiana using the startup’s membrane technology for chemical separations. 
  • Carbon to Value Initiative Year 3 participant Global Algae, which grows algae to capture CO2 to produce protein and oil, received $1M from the DOE to develop an open raceway cultivation system for carbon capture to make polyurethane consumer products. 
  • Greentown alum Verne announced funding led by Trucks Venture Capital—with participation from existing investors, including Greentown partners United Airlines and Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund—to accelerate the development of high-density hydrogen storage for heavy-duty transportation.
  • Greentown alum Moment Energy, which provides clean and affordable battery energy storage systems, received a $6M tax credit to build the first large-scale UL 1974-certified manufacturing facility in North America. 

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