Greentown Labs Lunch & Learn Program: Membership Has its Privileges

Founders of startups face many challenges in building companies. When a new company is bootstrapping and watching every dollar, founders welcome opportunities to learn about issues that are common and important at their stage. They also like to take advantage of opportunities to preserve cash. Lunch & Learn seminars at Greentown Labs help fit that bill.

Recently, two Lunch & Learns were held with Greentown Labs’ Terawatt Sponsor, Wolf Greenfield (specialist in intellectual property law) and Gigawatt Sponsor, American Airlines (air and travel support).

Wolf Greenfield presented on ‘Intellectual Property for Startups: Making It Work on a Limited Budget.’ In a crowded conference room, Thomas Franklin and Christina Licursi shared ways to protect IP on a limited budget. They included different forms of IP, the importance of agreements and patent studies that can assess a company’s freedom to operate. The “tips and tricks” were tailored to startups and low cost ways to address these issues for those with limited experience. Wolf Greenfield emphasized the importance of thinking through the strategy before just jumping in. All Greentown Labs member companies are eligible for $5,000 in pro bono IP legal services from Wolf Greenfield as part of its sponsorship with Greentown Labs (the same with Foley Hoag, Greentown Lab’s other sponsoring law firm).

American Airlines hosted a Lunch & Learn at Greentown Labs. Paul Swartz, Strategic Partnership Manager with American Airlines and his team specifically focus on how American Airlines helps startups and small businesses. American Airlines offers Greentown members free, discounted and group rate travel for business meetings. If a team gets invited to pitch at a conference on short notice, American Airlines can help get them there. A special program, called the Innovator’s Initiative, also introduces startups to the American Airlines network that supports other accelerators.

Lunch & Learns happen year round at Greentown Labs, often at a rate of one a week. Presenters include sponsors that share benefits or expertise available to members – whether it be insurance, accounting, legal, PR, or the latest software. Others topics include presentations by accelerators, investors, or others organizations promoting the cleantech ecosystem.

Greentown Labs member company benefits exceed $100,000 in value per company.