Draper Joins Greentown Labs as Gigawatt Sponsor


The Greentown Labs community is excited to welcome Draper, a non-profit research and development engineering company, as Gigawatt Sponsor. Both Greentown Labs and Draper are focused on developing, designing and deploying advanced technology solutions for the world’s biggest challenges and by establishing this partnership, they’re one step closer to bringing these technologies to market.

At Draper, its team of engineering experts are recognized as world leaders across multiple sectors, from space to undersea and many domains in between. They build working prototypes for field testing, accelerating design iteration and complete small product runs. Similarly, Greentown Labs’ member companies are heavily engineering-focused, largely hardware-based and are constantly working on the latest design and deployment of their prototypes. With Draper’s sponsorship of Greentown Labs, its member companies will have the opportunity to engage with to Draper’s deep network of experts and utilize its best-in-class research and development facilities.

“Draper has paved the way for innovative prototype development and is well-known for its engineering expertise,” said Emily Reichert, CEO of Greentown Labs. “Our member companies have already expressed a lot of interest in connecting with the team at Draper and checking out their impressive facilities!”

As the newest member of the Greentown Labs community, Draper will gain direct access to a broad network of innovative and up-and-coming technology startups, including members of Greentown Labs and the greater Boston ecosystem. Additionally, Draper’s one-year sponsorship of Greentown Labs includes a “Startup Pitch Day,” during which Draper executives will hear pitches from a variety of startups from across the region and sectors.

“Our team at Draper is thrilled to be working with Greentown Labs and the fantastic companies there,” said Nathan Wiedenman, director of Draper’s Sembler Office. “We’re excited to have this opportunity to help these startups bring their innovations to reality, and look for ways to partner in the future.”

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Thank you to the members of the Draper team who attended our September 1 EnergyBar and helped us announce this exciting news! Special thanks to Nathan Wiedenman and Spencer Irvine for driving the development of our partnership.