Cleantech Intern Talent Fair

Cleantech Intern Talent Fair

The Cleantech Intern Fair (#cleantechtalentfair) was created in collaboration with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, Cleantech Open Northeast, NECEC, and Greentown Labs with the aim to match students’ talents with the employers’ desires.

  1. Greentown Labs is proud to be the host of the inaugural Cleantech Talent Fair! All participating organizations want to support the cleantech industry and this was a good way to do that. NECEC is an educational institution and MassCEC has a internship program which helps pay for the interns, Cleantech Open Northeast is an accelerator and Greentown Labs is a cleantech incubator so this is a match made in heaven.
  2. We were blown away by attendance. The Cleantech Intern Fair initially expected 100 attendees but more than 250 students came by to speak with Greentown Labs members and individuals from Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the Cleantech Open Northeast. Surprisingly we didn’t see that many MIT students drop by, but nevertheless the event was a successful one with many students from all over; UMass, Tufts, Bentley, Olin, even students from Carnegie Mellon University!
  3. Wow, we may on to something here! Both employers and students maxed out on our Cleantech Talent Fair Eventbrite! Better up the limits quick!
  4. Yay! our first attendee tweet!
  5. Loving the #cleantechtalentfair Excited to meet students that can help our summer programs in Boston and Mexico!
  6. The Greentown Labs meeting space was packed with interesting people and conversations about the present and future state of cleantech careers.
  7. Great turnout for the first hour and a half! You still have time to come! #cleantechtalentfair

  8. Happy to hear an intern found Greentown Labs’ member company Vecarius interesting!
  9. Met Steve and his startup, Vecarius, chock full of potential. Exciting stuff! #cleantechtalentfair
  10. Greenbean Recycle is the newest Greentown Labs member company. They, along with our other members, met with several quality interns throughout the event. Go Greentown!
  11. Greentown Labs’ Briana relieving her sore feet by some trampoline jumping!
  12. Cool panorama from Elizabeth!
  13. The event was a total success. The sheer number and quality of interns truly amazed everyone. Already looking forward to the next #cleantechtalentfair!

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