Calling all scientists: the DSM Bright Minds Challenge Wants to Hear From You

We know transitioning our economy from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy is possible but incredibly difficult.  So what if we could accelerate the process?

That’s why DSM launched its Bright Minds Challenge, which is specifically focused on the urgent need to transition from the ‘Fossil Fuel Age’ to the ‘Bio-Renewable Age.’ To that end, the Bright Minds Challenge aims to accelerate the scaling-up of scientific solutions for 100% renewable energy.

DSM, Accenture, Greentown Labs, The Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, SolarCentury, Solar Aid, and Sungevity have partnered to reach out to all the bright minded scientists out there who just need some extra support and expertise to help them reach the next level, and thereby accelerate the shift to renewable energy. And as an organization committed to supporting clean technology and energy innovations, Greentown Labs is proud to support such an important movement.

In the coming months, scientists from all over the globe will be able to share their solutions via the Bright Minds Challenge platform. And what’s more: the best ideas, as preselected by the general public, will gain dedicated expert support from all the partners involved.

The Bright Minds Challenge is not just another ‘innovation challenge.’ We are determined to spark a genuinely unstoppable movement, uniting us all around a common cause in a way that gives everyone who participates an important role to play.

We’re aware of the urgent need for a new, low-carbon economy, and we are certain that the transition cannot be tackled by one organization or sector alone. Taking on this transformation will require a truly interdisciplinary and collaborative effort — and that’s why we, along with all of the Bright Minds Partners, are sharing this message with you, a member of the Greentown Labs community. As someone who shares our conviction for a cleaner, greener future for all, we invite you to help spread the world about the Bright Minds Challenge on social media. We’ve provided a few sample tweets below and appreciate any support you can provide. Onward and upward!