Weekly Newsflash 2/19 – 2/23: Electric Trucks & Cheap Renewable Energy

Electric trucks, solar + storage prospects, and record 2017 numbers for renewables-another promising week in clean energy is behind us! Tesla’s solar + storage is significantly cheaper than grid power, self driving EVs will lower demand for oil in the near future, and Europe will double their renewable energy share!


North American Wind PowerRecord 2017 Numbers Prove Clean Energy ‘Delivers For The American Economy’

  • Energy efficiency, natural gas, and renewable energy deployment in 2017 created economic benefits without having to increase greenhouse gases or energy consumption.

“Over the year, the growth of sustainable energy industries contributed to greater economic competitiveness, job creation and the expansion of the American economy, according to findings from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) and the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE).”


FuturismUPS Announces Plans to Add 50 Custom-Built Electric Trucks to Their Fleet

  • UPS has announced plans to build and deploy 50 custom-built electric trucks in 2018. The vehicles will produce zero tailpipe emissions and have a range of 100 miles, all at a cost comparable to diesel- and gas-powered trucks.

“We see this vehicle as being a game changer in the electric truck arena. It’s also an industry first because the acquisition cost is comparable to gas and diesel.”


CleanTechnicaBP Expects Self-Driving EVs Will Lower Demand For Oil By 2040

  • BP expects self-driving electric vehicle adoption to grow 100-fold by 2040.

“Under BP’s Evolving Transition scenario, which assumes that policies and technology continue to evolve at a speed similar to that seen in the recent past, some 30% of car kilometers are powered by electricity by 2040 from almost zero in 2016.”


Bloomberg TechnologyEurope Can Double Renewable Energy Share by 2030, Irena Says

  • According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, the European Union can increase their renewable energy share 34 percent by 2030, which would trigger hundreds of billions of euros in investment and accelerate reduction of greenhouse gases.

“With an ambitious and achievable new renewable energy strategy, the EU can deliver market certainty to investors and developers, strengthen economic activity, grow jobs, improve health and put the EU on a stronger decarbonization pathway in line with its climate objectives.”


ForbesMore Energy Giants Moving Toward A Renewable Energy Future

  • Energy giants and equiptment manufacturers are increasingly moving towards a future surrounding renewable energy. Earnings of traditional equipment manufacturers are down, and companies such as BP, Shell, and Exxon Mobile investing millions into the rapidly developing industry.

“One thing is clear: the pace of change is accelerating and the major players know they need to have at least some chips on the board, else they risk being left behind in the emerging trillion dollar new energy economy.”


Electrek – Tesla’s massive solar+Powerwall virtual power plant could be 30% cheaper than grid power, says report

  • Australian electricity rates are some of the highest in the world, but the Tesla Powerpack project installed last year could mean a 30 percent cost reduction in comparison to the power grid.

“South Australia’s high electricity rates are pushing homeowners toward solar and batteries at a crazy rate. So much so that South Australia’s consumers bought 20% less electricity from the grid in 2017 than they did in 2010.”