Oct. 26, 2016

  • At the 2016 DEMO Day, we added popcorn pitches for the first time—an element we’ve kept ever since! Meet the startups that gave these lightning-quick pitches to the full DEMO Day audience:
    • AquaFresco, which develops a smart, localized wastewater solution.
    • Autonomous Marine Systems, a marine data-services company.
    • Grove, a startup reimagining the home as a living ecosystem.
    • Prime Lightworks, which builds electric propulsion systems for space satellites and spacecraft.
    • RISE Robotics, which partners with heavy machinery manufacturers to implement a fully electric movement platform as a replacement for hydraulic systems.
    • Silverside Detectors, which is building for the next generation of nuclear security.
    • Sparkplug Power, which builds, owns, and operates networks of distributed energy storage as a service for municipal utilities and commercial businesses.
    • Tagup, which has developed new machine learning methods and a software platform to predict industrial equipment failure, making physical infrastructure safer and more reliable.
    • Tank Utility, which is taking propane tank monitoring to a new level.
    • WrightGrid, which designs, engineers, and manufactures industrial-strength, point-of-use power products to enhance mobile connectivity.
  • Other featured speakers included Jonas Svedlund, then-General Counsel of GE Ventures, a former Greentown partner; Eric Graham, CEO and Co-founder of Greentown alum CrowdComfort; and Greentown CEO Emily Reichert. Graham and Greentown announced that CrowdComfort had signed on as Greentown’s first-ever member-turned-partner!
  • Zipcar and InTeahouse were the 2016 DEMO Day event partners. Read more about the event here!