May 9, 2018

  • After taking a hiatus in 2017 while Greentown’s headquarters were under construction, DEMO Day returned in 2018 and doubled as the Grand Opening of Greentown HQ! We were thrilled to welcome the climatetech and cleantech ecosystem into our newest building, which incorporated technologies from many of our members and partners, including Saint-Gobain’s decoustic materials and SageGlass windows, CrowdComfort’s Human Sensor Network, and more. Read press coverage of the Grand Opening here and watch a video recap of the event here.
  • Startup popcorn pitches:
    • C16 Biosciences, which uses innovative processes found in nature to brew sustainable alternatives to palm oil.
    • Eden GeoTech, which develops sustainable geotechnical solutions for petroleum, geothermal, and water desalination applications.  
    • Green Gas USA, which captures agricultural methane through an anaerobic digester and converts it to fuel.
    • Heila Technologies, which has created a platform to connect distributed energy resources and create self-organizing and self-regulating microgrids.
    • Ivys Energy Solutions, which has created a hydrogen generation and dispensing appliance that uses water and electricity to produce high-purity, fuel-cell-grade hydrogen. 
    • Prime Lightworks, which develops electric propulsion systems for space satellites that are solar-powered, fully renewable, and consume zero fuel. 
    • PV Pure, which designs and deploys on-site solar powered purified water systems. 
    • Raptor Maps, which builds software that increases operation-wide efficiency, reduces costs, and mitigates risk for the solar industry. 
    • Tagup, which uses artificial intelligence to make the machines that power the world safer, more reliable, and more efficient. 
  • Featured speakers: