June 7, 2019

  • There was plenty of news to announce at our 2019 DEMO Day! Two of our members launched their products: Ivys Energy Solutions unveiled the first SimpleFuel hydrogen refueling station in the Northeast at Greentown, and SparkCharge revealed its fully portable, ultra-fast, and modular electric vehicle charger. Additionally, we announced Saint-Gobain as the presenting partner of our headquarters’ Town Green event space.
  • We were honored to have U.S. Senator Edward J. Markey give the keynote address at the event. “Greentown Labs is proof positive that Massachusetts isn’t just the Bay State, we are the Brain State,” he said during his remarks. “Our economy, our environment, and our ability to combat climate change all flow from innovative solutions like those being developed at Greentown Labs.”
  • Other featured speakers included:
  • Startup popcorn pitches:
    • Agira Photonics, which designs optical films for superior light management. 
    • Heila Technologies, which has created a platform to connect distributed energy resources and create self-organizing and self-regulating microgrids.
    • Metalmark Innovations, which develops novel materials to break down air contaminants and improve energy efficiency. 
    • Medley Thermal, which has developed a dynamic electrification system that switches steam generation from fossil fuels to electricity at times when electricity is cheap and clean.
    • OffGridBox, which uses solar energy to purify water and distribute energy. 
    • Onvector, which provides industrial water treatment technology powered by lightning. 
    • Pecos Wind Power, which has created a wind turbine optimized for low-wind-speed power generation. 
    • SolarKal, which advises organizations looking to implement solar power. 
    • Tagup, which uses artificial intelligence to make the machines that power the world safer, more reliable, and more efficient. 
    • Titan Advanced Energy Solutions, which uses ultrasound to improve battery performance and health. 
    • Via Separations, which uses a novel membrane to eliminate 90 percent of the energy currently used in thermal separations.
  • Watch a recap of DEMO Day 2019 here or read one here.