About the Company:

Over more than 120 years, Vallourec has made its mark in industry on an international scale. Brazil, China, France, Germany, Nigeria, Singapore, the United States—more than 50 production sites, business offices, and R&D centers operate in 20 countries on five continents. Their 17,000 employees’ local presence conveys a major aspect of the group’s strategy: to be as close to their customers as possible. This implies three high-priority challenges: understanding the customers’ needs and meeting them as efficiently as possible, participating even more in the development of national economies, and increasing Vallourec’s competitiveness.


New Energies:

To accompany Vallourec’s transformation and be better positioned on these markets, Vallourec decided to reorganize its solutions’ portfolio for the energy transition in one complete offer called Vallourec® New Energies. The energy transition is growing worldwide with a strong focus in lowering CO2 emissions, producing clean energy and maintaining global warming to under 2°C. Vallourec is leveraging its expertise in materials and connections for the oil and gas industry to test and qualify its products for use in new applications, including Geothermal, Hydrogen, Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage (CCUS) and solar.

Sustainability Strategy:

Vallourec is proud of our environmental achievements and are working hard on meeting their 2030, 2035, and 2050 vision. They are rated A- by CDP up from a B when they started. Their strategy and trajectory have been validated by SBTi as compatible with the 2° goal laid out in the Paris Climate Accords. In 2021 they won Hart Energy’s ESG award and in 2022 they earned NOIA’s ESG Excellence Award. They continued their momentum in 2023 with Ecovadis giving them their highest rating of Platinum.