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Founded 2019



Eric Osherow

CEO + Co-founder

Shishir Paramathma Rao

CTO + Co-founder

Alok Chand

COO + Co-founder

Karen Panetta

CRO + Co-founder

About the Company

SeaDeep recognizes an apparent gap in today’s technology: advancements in computer vision and AI have failed to reach our oceans. SeaDeep is developing a new standard and a new generation of vision technologies that can be immediately implemented with minimal impact to empower current subsea operations to work autonomously, efficiently, in real-time, and with a degree of accuracy not seen before. By embedding its technology in legacy ROV, AUV, and diver-based operations, SeaDeep is disrupting the status quo of the old technologies. Ranging from energy to aquaculture to defense, SeaDeep’s technology is built to address the complexities of the entire ocean.

About the Solution

SeaDeep revolutionizes underwater assessments with AI-powered subsea vision that facilitates the high-precision characterization of marine environments and substructures in real-time. The product produces high-fidelity data using commercially available off-the-shelf sensors, enabling autonomous identification of subsea objects and materials by any fleet of AUV or ROV with high accuracy. Its patented underwater-image enhancements provide marine inspectors access to color and texture-accurate ocean visual data that enables them to perform sustainable and precise subsea assessments.