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REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies

Putting a Green Spin on Power

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Founded 2015

Christopher Bean

CEO + Co-founder

Leonard Hope

CTO + Co-founder

About the Company

REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies (RTT) is developing a revolutionary, carbon-free power generation solution that solves pain points for upstream oil & gas.

About the Solution

RTT’s technology is a micro-Expansion Turbine System (mETS). The mETS uses an existing source of pressurized gas, such as lift gas, to generate power for mission-critical equipment without burning or venting the lift gas, so no CO2 is released.

The mETS can also be scaled to meet the ever-increasing power requirements of offshore installations: a single mETS can be configured with one to four micro-expansion turbines that operate in parallel. Each turbine is capable of generating 1kW of power, for a total of up to 4kW per mETS system.

RTT’s mETS also includes a number of other features that are important to upstream operators, including “smart” operation that minimizes downtime, reduces maintenance costs, and maximizes safety; worldwide monitoring and control; compact size; and ease of deployment.  These features, along with the scalability and environmentally friendliness of the mETS, make it a clear choice for replacing existing power generation solutions, like thermo-electric generators.