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REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies

Putting a Green Spin on Power

Greentown Alumni

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Founded 2015



Christopher Bean

CEO + Co-founder

Tim Moor

CTO + Co-founder

John Jeffers

CMO + Co-founder

About the Company

REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies (RTT) is the clean energy partner for oil & gas operators ready to leverage smart waste-energy recovery to generate emission-free power for remote operations. RTT is meeting the most demanding power generation challenges of today and tomorrow with a highly experienced team of entrepreneurs, technology developers, and innovators.

About the Solution

RTT’s solution is a micro-Expansion Turbine System (mETS) that generates zero-emission power for digital oilfield and pipeline initiatives through the recovery of excess gas pressure.

The mETS system can be used in conjunction with a gas lift system on remote unmanned offshore platforms, at many locations within natural gas distribution networks, at onshore well heads, or anywhere else where a gas pressure differential exists. The mETS technology has the power to transform remote oil and gas operations as we know it by eliminating CO2-emitting combustion generators and methane-emitting valves & controllers, providing scalable, modular power with advanced connectivity.