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Pecos Wind Power

Low-cost wind power for schools, businesses, and towns

Greentown Boston Member

About the Company

Pecos Wind Power designs, builds, and sells wind turbines for distributed generation. The company enables schools, businesses, and towns to generate their own inexpensive, renewable electricity. Pecos Wind Power’s PW85 turbine is installed next to your facility and produces electricity at a rate less than what you would pay your utility.

About the Solution

Pecos Wind Power is tapping into low-wind-speed resources previously unsuitable for wind turbines. Conventional turbines require high average wind speeds greater than six m/s. Only six percent of the U.S. has suitably high winds. Pecos’ PW85 turbine is the only turbine optimized for low average wind speeds down to 5m/s, making it suitable for over 57 percent of the United States.

Your priority is operating your facility, not a wind turbine. Pecos Wind Power will take care of everything from permitting to installation to operation and maintenance. You pay only for the wind power that you consume. There is no upfront investment and you start saving money from day one.