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COI Energy

Making the world more energy efficient!

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Founded 2016


Electricity, Resiliency + Adaptation

SaLisa Berrien

Founder + CEO

Prakash Bhatia

Chief Value Officer

Vinny Bhatia

Chief Product Officer

About the Company
COI Energy provides a digital energy management platform to detect, eliminate, and monetize energy waste in buildings in order to drive efficiency and optimize the electric grid. Its game-changing solution is a win-win-win-win for businesses, the environment, disadvantaged communities, and the electric grid. COI Energy helps businesses save money, make money, and protect the environment as they gift clean energy solutions to communities that need it the most.
About the Solution
COI Energy has a hardware-enabled software solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict and prevent energy waste. The energy behaviors of the facility are learned, outliers are identified, and occupancy and weather are tied to how energy assets are operated in order to predict future behaviors. Users are able to control energy usage in their buildings from anywhere in the world through the COI Optimizer.