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Clean Crop Technologies

Using electricity to boost crop yields and reduce waste.

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About the Company

Every year, 500 million metric tons of food is lost to pathogens, toxins, pests, and molds. This food is worth $1 trillion, is responsible for 7% of GHG emissions and contributes to 600 million cases of foodborne illness every year.

Clean Crop Technologies (“Clean Crop”) is a Holyoke, Massachusetts-based electrical innovation company, specializing in food and agriculture solutions at an industrial scale. Clean Crop is headquartered in a state-of-the-art 14,000-square-foot facility with several high-tech laboratories, including plasma, microbiology, and plant physiology R&D spaces, an in-house rapid prototyping machine shop, and the world’s first cold plasma seed treatment tolling facility. Clean Crop was named Manufacturer of the Year in 2023 by the Massachusetts Legislature’s Manufacturing Caucus.

About the Solution

Current solutions used by seed and food companies to address contaminants, pathogens, and pests in the global food supply chains are energy intensive, damage seed health and germination, and leave residues on the seed and food surfaces. These residues lead to environmental runoff, human health impacts, and increased pathogen resistance.

Clean Crop’s proprietary Clean Current technology combines food-grade gasses and electricity to remove contaminants from seed and food surfaces, improving food safety and reducing food waste. The Clean Current technology works without harming food or seed quality and is up to 10X more energy efficient than incumbent technologies like chemical treatments and hot water. Clean Current is a residue-free process, unlike chemical coating treatments that are used today, eliminating chemical run-off after planting and long-term environmental damage.