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Capwell Services, Inc.

An Immediate Methane Abatement System

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Founded 2022


Resiliency + Adaptation

Andrew Lane

President and CEO

Lucien Peach

Chief Technical Officer

Tomas Pinilla

Director of Operations

About the Company

Capwell is a hard tech, climate focused company dedicated to reducing methane emissions in the oil and gas industry by collecting and destroying all surface level methane emissions ensuring a seamless zero methane process from measurement to plugging, allowing for a quicker, more versatile, and more cost-effective P&A process.

About the Solution

Capwell eliminates methane emissions by offering an inexpensive solution that sits on a well until it can be properly plugged, helping clients quickly mitigate the problem while exploring permanent solutions. Capwell can deploy its devices within a week from methane detection, eliminating emissions, and giving well-owners not only peace of mind, but opportunities for financial benefits.