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Axiom Optics

Excellence in Advanced Imaging and Optical Metrology

Greentown Boston Member

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Founded 2010


Corporate Members, Manufacturing

Philippe Clemenceau

Co-founder + Division Manager

Jerome Ballesta


About the Company

Axiom Optics is the North American distributor of optical instrumentation for advanced light microscopy, cameras and vision systems, laser beam characterization, optical metrology, adaptive optics, and positioning hexapods. Axiom offers sales support and technical expertise and has offices in Somerville, MA (headquarters and lab) and California.

About the Solution

Axiom offers the highest quality optical instrumentation for light microscopy, optical metrology, advanced imaging, and laser beam characterization. Its optical systems have a high impact in innovative manufacturing sectors such as the semiconductor, display, and aerospace industries, as well as fundamental scientific research—life science, biology, medical research, nanoscience, physics, and astronomy.