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Applied Bioplastics

Affordable, plant-based polymers for a healthier planet

Greentown Alumni

About the Company

Applied Bioplastics is commercializing plant-based polymers that are far healthier and more sustainable, at competitive pricing to their petrochemical-based analogues, aiming to capture one percent of this market within three years.

About the Solution

Applied Bioplastics produces affordable polymers that have equal or better properties than traditional petrochemical plastics do. These polymers use significant plant matter, which absorbs CO2 and avoids the CO2 emissions of petrochemical plastics. Applied Bioplastics’ thermoplastic replacement displaces 30 percent of the petrochemical content, resulting in a noticeable reduction in carbon footprint. One tonne of this material avoids 500 kg of CO2 emission due to the displaced petrochemical content and produces over 200 kg of CO2 uptake by the plant material.