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Ambient Fuels

Guiding heavy industry through the great green upgrade

Greentown Houston Member

About the Company
Ambient Fuels is a pure-play green hydrogen developer. Its team has 100-plus years of collective experience with conventional and renewable energy projects and has worked with heavy industries located everywhere from Texas to North Dakota and California to New York.
About the Solution
Ambient Fuels delivers custom-engineered green hydrogen solutions. Blending development and technical expertise with its renewable energy and industrial process experience, the company oversees every step of execution—from project development and design to financing and construction. Ambient Fuels takes a collaborative approach, working closely with its customers to optimize its solutions to their unique needs.

Ambient Fuels also hosts a green hydrogen podcast, focusing on interviewing leaders from across the hydrogen sector to cut through the hype and uncover real-life applications of green hydrogen that businesses are implementing now.

Hosted by the startup’s CEO Jacob SusmanThe Great Green Upgrade is your chance to hear cutting-edge information about deployment of green hydrogen to decarbonize heavy industry, directly from the people leading the way. The podcast features in-depth discussions on topics from electrolyzer technology, to siting, storing, and piping green hydrogen, to industrial uses of hydrogen in hard-to-abate industries. Find the series on YouTube here or on your favorite podcast platform.