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The urban-rural digital divide persists because rural infrastructure is too expensive. Altaeros exists to change that.

Greentown Alumni

About the Company

Altaeros spun out of MIT in 2010 to develop the world’s first autonomous aerostat platform for the telecom and renewable energy sectors. After initially focusing on harnessing high altitude wind energy using its innovative aerial platform, Altaeros pivoted in 2015 to focus on a better solution to provide modern, high-speed connectivity to unserved and under-served rural communities.

Altaeros is partnering with carriers and other telecom stakeholders in North America to deploy the first SuperTower-based networks. From there, Altaeros plans on expanding to meet the global demand for rural connectivity solutions.

About the Solution

At the core of the SuperTower solution is Altaeros’ autonomous tethered aerostat. Historically, aerostats depended on a full-time ground crew for safe operation, which limited their use to high-cost military and government applications. With modern design capabilities and patented autonomous control, Altaeros eliminates the need for a permanent ground crew. The company’s aerostat platforms are an order of magnitude less expensive to operate, while retaining the field proven reliability earned over decades of operational experience.