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A git platform made for hardware

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Founded 2019



Valentina Ratner

Co-founder + CEO

Kyle Dumont

Co-founder + CTO

Jon Tran

Lead Software Architect

About the Company

Obsolete data management systems can’t keep pace with modern hardware development. This costs the hardware industry in the US every year billions of dollars in re-work that wastes precious metals and generates carcinogenic e-waste.

AllSpice is building a development platform that helps hardware teams communicate more effectively, reduce prototype errors, and accelerate time to market.

About the Solution

AllSpice Hub serves as a home-base for hardware teams, combining revision control, design reviews, and releases in a single place. Engineers can get up and running on the platform in a few minutes, and users love the visual diffs, pull-request style design reviews, and how easy it is to bring in external stakeholders – from other engineers to vendors.