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21Senses Inc.

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Rohan Bairat

CEO & Founder

Shashank Kumar

CEO India and Co-Founder

About the Company

21Senses Inc., is on a mission to combat climate change through an innovative gas-sensing technology platform. The startup’s commitment to Clean Energy and Decarbonization drives it to create efficient, secure environments that safeguard human lives and secure and optimize assets.

21Senses specializes in cutting-edge hydrogen and multi-gas sensing solutions for Hydrogen Supply Chain, Mobility, Power Sector, O&G, and Process Manufacturing.

About the Solution

21Senses’ solutions are categorized as Gas Sensing Components and purpose build Gas Sensing Applications.

Hydrogen Sensing (TRL 9+): its cutting-edge solid-state and MEMS solution is a high-performance grade hydrogen sensor that detects H2 at 1ppm concentration and offers a wide range of detection. It can operate in-line, providing real-time insights on hydrogen purity or concentration, portable leak detection, and area safety monitoring.

Multigas Sensing (TRL 7+): its multi-gas sensing technology can simultaneously detect multiple gases. This capability serves various applications, ensuring safety, compliance, and optimizing production in diverse industries. Its baseline gas sensing technology forms the foundation for leveraging other sensing mechanisms to achieve specific goals. The startup is developing Selective and Specific sensors on the same platform for Methane, CO, CO2, H2S, SF6, and other greenhouse gases.

Applications: 21Senses is working on multiple applications based on its Multi-gas sensing chip and is at various stages of development. Its initial focus is to develop Real-time transformer health monitoring, Hydrogen accumulation in submarines, and thermal runaway in batteries.