Investors Share How Startups Can Tap into European VC

At the most recent installment of our Investor Speaker Series—an initiative designed to give climatetech startups the advice, knowledge, and connections needed to fundraise effectively—European investors discussed pathways, roadblocks, and best practices for startups looking to tap into the European market.

These investors discussed how startups can strategically choose which countries on the continent would provide the best environment for their particular technology, the importance of developing a business plan that can operate under multiple countries’ regulations, and Europe’s recent commitments to climate action, most notably through the European Green Deal and pandemic recovery plan.

The event featured Pippa Gawley, founder and managing director of Zero Carbon Capital; Matias Torrellas, portfolio manager of EIT InnoEnergy; Andrew Wordsworth, founder and managing partner of Sustainable Ventures; and Osama Idrees, investment director at EDF.

Watch the full panel below!