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Element Resources

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About the Company

Element Resources Inc. is a development company focused on the production of 100% Green Hydrogen. Based in Houston, TX, Element supports its numerous California initiatives from its San Diego office. The company’s key personnel have over 100 years of energy sector development experience. Element selectively invests in hydrogen-related technologies that enable the production of zero-carbon fuel and holds patents for large-capacity, low-cost underground hydrogen storage and advanced, lower-cost hydrogen electrolyzer catalysts.

About the Solution

Capabilities and resources to develop large-scale (20,000 metric tons per year) Green Hydrogen projects in the Western United States to produce truly 100% carbon-free green hydrogen.

Developed and patented with the University of Houston’s Physics Department and the Texas Center for Super Conductivity at the University of Houston an improved hydrogen production technology by direct electrolysis of waste water reducing the need to deplete natural clean water sources/aquifers.

Identified, developed and licensed an innovative and simple solution for high-capacity, low-cost underground hydrogen storage technology (“HyStorage”).