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Founded 2010

Richard Haase


David MacLean

Commercial & Residential Deployment Manager

About the Company

ClearValue deploys zero-net-carbon, sustainable, renewable, and resilient electrical generation and transportation power systems via combustion of in situ, sunlight-powered, bio-chemically formed, pure hydrogen and oxygen.

About the Solution

ClearValue brings to humanity its Hydrogen Energy Economy©, which generates clean, sustainable, resilient, and renewable energy from sunlight and biogas (methane – CH4), producing no oxides of carbon (COx), nitrogen (NxOy), or sulfur (SOx); only pure water (H2O) and organic nutrients are by-products. CH4 is the most challenging greenhouse gas (GHG), as it affects our climate and therefore drives climate change at 50 times the rate of CO2, according to the United Nations. CH4 is generated by the biological degradation of organic waste. CH4 harms life on Earth more significantly than our cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, trains, planes, and power plants combined. Any solution to climate change must incorporate a means to control CH4 as well as CO2 emissions.