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Beacon Bio

Turning up the volume on the eardrum with regenerative tissue grafts

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Founded 2021

Nicole Black, PhD

Co-Founder, President, and CEO

Jennifer Lewis, ScD

Co-Founder and Advisor

Elliott Kozin, MD

Co-Founder and Advisor

Aaron Remenschneider, MD, MPH

Co-Founder and Advisor

About the Company
Beacon Bio is designing biodegradable and biomimetic tissue grafts using novel materials science and 3D printing technologies.
About the Solution
Beacon Bio’s first product, PhonoGraft, is a novel device for the repair of chronic eardrum perforations. Eardrum perforations occur from reasons including ear infections, traumatic injuries, and blast injuries. Currently available patient-derived and animal-derived tissue grafts lead to poor hearing and healing outcomes in patients. PhonoGraft comprises a biomimetic architecture that matches the circular and radial structure of the normal eardrum and a novel biodegradable material that remodels into tissue in the structure of the print path. To date, PhonoGraft has shown improved outcomes in animal models compared to current standard of care graft materials.