Go Build

Go Build

Let’s reinvent buildings, old and new.

The buildings sector contributes seven percent of global greenhouse gas emissions; to change this, we need innovations that revolutionize how buildings are planned, built, retrofitted, and managed. 

Greentown Go Build brings together startups and corporates to accelerate the commercialization of technologies from building materials to building management systems, and more. How can you help build a decarbonized future?

Let’s Go.

Go Build 2023

Go Build 2023 with Saint-Gobain is accelerating the commercialization of technologies to decarbonize the built environment, from conception to breaking ground, retrofitting, demolition, and recycling.

Participating Startups

  • Active Surfaces (Salem, MA) develops an ultra-lightweight, flexible solar technology for the built environment.
  • Carbon Upcycling Technologies (Calgary, AB) is a circular-decarbonization solution for hard-to-abate industries–utilizing low-purity industrial CO2 and industrial byproducts to decarbonize cement.
  • Endeavor Composites, Inc. (Knoxville, TN) intercepts landfill-destined post-industrial fibers and sustainably repurposes them into semi-finished goods for the composite industry.
  • Hempitecture (Ketchum, ID) manufactures and distributes biobased building materials, including a low-embodied-carbon insulation.
  • Puro Renewables (Miami Beach, FL) upcycles carbon-negative biowaste for use in reducing the amount of fossil-fuel-based resin and carbon footprint in typical plastic products.
  • ZS2 Technologies (Calgary, AB) creates magnesium-based advanced building products that can store up to one-fifth of their weight in CO2 via a proprietary carbon-capture technology.
Nov. 30, 2023
Kickoff Event
Jan. 24-25
Workshop 1
March 19-20
Workshop 2
April 24-25
Workshop 3
May 30
Final Showcase

Want to learn more? Reach out to Michela Grunebaum, Greentown’s Director of Programs.

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Go Build Alumni

“There’s no better way to accelerate the growth of a company. There are a lot of things about building a company that aren’t straightforward, and to have Greentown understand and have mentors who have been through fundraising and know how to think about your product—it’s beyond measure, the value that provides.”

Jay Cady

CTO of Hyperframe

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